A.B. Goodrich Contracting is a full service commercial construction company specializing in the construction of new commercial projects in the health care, automotive, office, industrial, & retail sectors.  Our goal is to construct quality projects that are delivered on time, stay within budget, and fulfill owner expectations.   Each project is unique, and we offer several methods of service tailored to each client’s needs.AB Goodrich completes projects in NC & VA

There are four primary project delivery methods:


The project owner contracts with an architect for design and uses the design documents produced by the architect to secure competitive bids from contractors. Bids are evaluated based on the owner’s project criteria, e.g. qualification, cost, fees, duration, etc., and then the owner contracts with the selected contractor for construction of the project.  This method has been utilized for over a century and is commonly referred to as Lump Sum or Cost Plus.  A.B. Goodrich evaluates projects closely to prepare thorough, accurate bids that meet project requirements with competitive pricing.


The project owner contracts directly with a single entity for both design and construction.  The design-build entity can be led by the architect or contractor and can consist of any number of people.  This method has gained popularity in recent years for owners that desire a single source of responsibility for design and construction.  The traditional Lump Sum & Cost Plus contracts can be carried out with this method as well as Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). AB Goodrich lends value-added expertise and guidance in design-build projects.

Construction Management at Risk

This approach involves a construction manager who assumes the risk of building a project, while the architect is hired under a separate contract.  This method inserts the construction manager into the design phase of the project to create/advise on cost models, building technology issues, cost consequences of design and construction methods, scheduling, cost control, material purchasing and procurement for long lead items, and coordination of construction activities. After the Pre-Construction Phase, the Construction Manager takes on the financial obligation for construction under a specified agreement; this method also allows for the GMP provision. Early involvement allows A.B. Goodrich to provide valuable insight on all aspects of the construction project.

Integrated Project Delivery

The IPD approach is a method of project delivery distinguished by a contractual agreement between the owner, contractor, & design professional that aligns the interests of all parties.  This method binds key participants together as equals to tie stakeholder success to project success.  IPD necessitates this type of contract be established early in the planning of a project to guarantee the best practices for shared risk and reward. This establishes performance criteria, minimizes waste, increases efficiency, and maximizes what can be achieved within the client’s budget.

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